Does the product tour work well on all browsers?

  • 28 January 2021
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I had set live a product tour. On Safari, when I click next on the first card of my product tour, it doesn't take me to the next card and the page gets stuck. Is this behavior expected?


Best answer by Kevin Bendixen 29 January 2021, 09:42

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2 replies

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@user860​ can't imagine that's expected behavior. Did you try the tour in a different browser to check if it's working probably there? Is the rest of Intercom working fine in Safari? Do you use some kind of blocker that could interfere?

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Hey @user860​, further to Kevin's comment, I'd recommend contacting our Support team directly through the Messenger if the rest of Intercom is working OK for you, and this is your only issue.


As per our System Requirements, you'll need to be running version 8.0 or higher of Safari.