Dynamic Url on Second page of the Product Tour.

  • 3 September 2020
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While creating a Product tour for multiple pages, how can I add rules on the second page which I am able to put on the first page from where I start the tour.

Scenario: In my tour I ask user to create a new project and this takes the user to new page. Now on the new page, we have the projectId as the url parameter. So when I create a tour and user clicks on the New Project tab, it is always redirected to the project which I created while making the product tour.

Can you suggest how to achieve this ?


Best answer by Beth 4 September 2020, 01:18

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1 reply

Hey there! Based on the details you've shared here, we'd suggest adding a custom attribute with the ID of the Tour created and use the attribute inserter in the link you'd like your users to click on.