How can I test my Product Tour?

  • 7 September 2020
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How can check if `intercome product tour` is active on my site, to for example hide a modal which overlaps that tour?


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Hey @jakub k​, just so I'm clear, are you asking how you can test a Product Tour to see if it's working as designed? If so, you may find this article helpful.

No no, i mean for example:


I have a page on which i have automatically showing the modals to the users, on every login. But sometime on the same page i want to run `interom product tour` which i previously prepared on intercom dashboard, and this working great. But when i have running intercom tour on this page, i want to prevent to show modal dialog which overlap current intercome tour. For that i need do check in some way that intercome tour is currently active. Something like this will be very helpfull for me


if(window.Intercom('isCurrentlyRunning', tourId)) {



Maybe there is another way to check this ?


Hi Orange Rain )


as I know for such integration, you need to get a product tour information via API. Currently, Intercom not supporting API for product tours.


This solution also requires a lot of time to develop, you need to get information about product tours and hide modals in the app.


There still some other ways to reach similar goals:


1) Display product tours once the user closes the modal.


For this option, all you need to do is to change the user browsing URL (once they will close modal). 


Example: -> and use this URL for product tour.


(This is the much easier way and requires less time to develop).


2) Send product tours via Intercom messenger - In this way, you need to send product tours to customers inside the Intercom messenger and they will decide when to launch it. 


Hope this will be helpful.


Thank you very much for your answer Roy.