How can we launch a product tour from a checklist on a unique/dynamic URL?

  • 6 December 2023
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I’m trying to setup an onboarding checklist in which multiple steps will launch product tours. I have the first step setup and functioning fine, but the subsequent steps/product tours I cannot seem to configure to launch when/where it is needed. Here’s the issue:

Our customer’s URLs are : …..

When a customer creates their account and logs in for the first time, they are brought to their homepage. The checklist appears and the first item in the checklist launches a product tour on that page. There’s no dynamic aspect to that URL, so we can simply setup the “Use your tour everywhere” setting to use {subdomain}

That tour has them create a case/project in their dashboard, which generates a new page/URL. The issue arises here, because that URL is different every time, for every user, however, the URL itself is not unique to a user, meaning any user in that dashboard (which there are typically multiple) can access that case/project/URL. 

The URL ends up being something like: (this number is unique and generated at the time of the case being created). 

Now I run into the issue of the next product tour. I can’t setup a URL for the “use your tour everywhere” setting that will account for the unique number generated in the URL.

I can only seem to setup the tour to show automatically, and then set some conditions for the URL, but that doesn’t allow for the onboarding flow that we would like to have, as we want them to complete the tours in sequence. 


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Hey there @Hillary !

It sounds to me like you could add a dynamic variable to the ‘Use everywhere’ URL that would get inserted when the User clicked on the Tour step in the Checklist. It would look something like this:

  1. Create a custom attribute for the User where the Case number will (eventually) be stored.
  2. Create a URL for the tour that inserts the Case attribute at the end of the URL like shown below
  3. When you assign the case number to the user, make an update call in Intercom to update that custom attribute with their case number.
  4. Now when your customer clicks on that Tour step in your checklist, the case number should get dynamically added and the customer should be taken to the correct URL!

Here’s my ideal scenario:

  1. I set up an intercom checklist that our users can trigger while on a page that they can edit.
  2. I add a tour as a checklist item
  3. When the user clicks the button - the tour shows.

The problem with this approach: In order for a product tour to show via a checklist I have to “Use your tour everywhere” and insert a URL. I’d rather the tour just show because the user clicked the button inside the checklist.

I already tried disabling “Use your tour everywhere” - but when a tour button is clicked an error is logged and nothing happens.
So.. I’m stuck trying to work around this limitation by adding a dynamic URL… However, the above scenario doesn’t work for me - because my customers can have several unique URLs that are associated with their account. So how can I dynamically support multiple URLs for a single customer?

Ideally I’d like to just use the current URL (or NO URL at all) to trigger the product tour within the intercom checklist

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Hi Cory McArthur, It’s Mat from the Support Engineering Team 😀

This is very niche use-case for setting up a Product Tour. The only way I can see as a workaround would be to set Show my Tour Automatically with an audience rule (URL starts or Ends with) to target the mutual part of the URL for your customer (assuming that there is one).
And then set some Trigger Rule to show the Product Tour.

It won't be triggered with the button, though. That’s the trade-off.

Please let me know if you have any questions about this 😸