It seems that I am having difficulties with opening the "Product tours" page this morning. Is there a general issue today?

  • 28 September 2020
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 I also experienced a couple of issues trying to open other tabs too. Got the "We are experiencing some issues" message a couple of times. There is no information about this issue in the status page. I tried all possible scenarios - reseting cache/cookies, trying different browsers, different connection, incognito tab - same outcome.


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Hi @plamen​ , I don't have such an issue, everything working fine.

Hey @plamen​ 👋


If you are still experiencing issues with opening Products Tours you might want to reach out to the Support team to look into that for you 👍

Hey @lisa b11​,


It seems that it was a momentary issue, I've managed to enter about one hour later that day. Everything seems to be working smoothly now 👍


I am trying to avoid contacting the Support team tbh. The last time it took 1 week for someone to provide me with a First respone. 🙂 Imagine if I have a critical issue/request. 🙂




That's great, @plamen​ that everything is working for you now, we did have a brief outage on Monday morning and i'm thinking that may have been the issue here.


As regards support, appreciate your candor here - we’re seeing some longer response times at the moment, but we’re working at getting caught up, and implementing changes to help deliver faster replies going forward 👍