Onboarding checklist integration?

  • 27 January 2021
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I've been on the lookout for a way to include a checklist of sorts with our new user onboarding. A co-worker shared this from what I believe was Kajabi. It looks like they're Intercom users as well. Anyone know what this app/integration could be?


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Hi @user643​ 👋 , So happy that you bring this out. A month ago, I request this feature via Intercom support chat:

IntercomChatThis will nice to see in Product tours, which also helped so many users to adopt to Product.


Q - Anyone know what this app/integration could be?

A - It's more seems to be a custom development.


@Product Wishlist​ 

Hello, very interested about the subject as well ! Do you have any idea if onboarding checklists are in the shor term roadmap ? Thx!

I would love to see this as well! is a good example handling onboarding checklists.

I would love to see here as well!

+1 to checklists, please 🙏

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The following list inside messenger app will look so beautiful 😍


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I've been hoping to see this in Intercom for a very long time. So happy to see more of us are find the need of it as an Intercom feature. Setting up product tours at every screen (using First-time event or URL/page triggers) is an option we use currently but that's just way too many product tours set live together and not all users interact with the application the same one way. Especially becomes difficult if some users explore the each part of the application in a spaced-out manner.


I'd very much appreciate Intercom putting Onboarding Checklist that triggers product tours on their Near term Roadmap please!


+1 !!!

hey @user643​ e.a. looking for a similar checklist to use during onboarding. Did you happen to find a good solution you are willing to share?

Nothing yet. Our dev team added creating something like this to their backlog, but a non-dev option would be such a game-changer for our Intercom workflows!



We want this too! And since Intercom has their own checklist for new Intercom users, surely it shouldn't be too hard for them to enable their customers to set up one too!






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@joost​ if this might be of value... I'm using a sticky post infrastructure to "simulate" a checklist by showcasing a key event I want my users to focus on at the time. I set up targeting for step A (e.g. new signups, event A count = 0), and as soon as my user completes step A, I show them the next element, step B (e.g. new signup, event A count is not 0, event B count is 0) and so instead of a prompt to complete A they see a prompt to complete B. This is how I "simulate" a checklist, only one item at a time. Pesky to set up but kinda works if you have to have somewhat of a checklist.

P.S. I also found and tested this app on Intercom App Store a while ago:;search=alvis however I couldn't, unfortunately, use it for the lack of visual customization. Otherwise, it does do checklists.

Hi Marina, do you have a screenshot about what is looks like for your user ? :)


Hi everyone. 👋 we actually have an onboarding checklist solution specifically for Intercom. (i.e. A checklist can be triggered based on Intercom user attributes.

A checklist item can be marked as complete when an Intercom event is created.)

Try it out at:


Screen Shot 2022-07-04 at 12.27.14 PM

Hi Marina, thank you for recommending our app! May I ask if you can elaborate on the visual customization you would like to have? Thank you so much :)


We installed and evaluated your app at the end of last year, but we consider it very expensive for its limited functionality. We have decided to do without it. Let us know if you add more features and functionality (or if you reduce the price for the existing functionality).

+1 for this!

Hi @cherry​ , over the past few months, we've added a few features based on the feedback from our users:


  1. Mark an item complete when an Intercom event is created *with intercom metadata*.
  2. More analytics such as user activities(view/complete a checklist) and checklist items stats.
  3. The user targeting feature now includes Intercom company attributes.
  4. Custom fonts.


Feel free to try it out. If you need to extend your trial, just let us know in the app. Thank you!


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Hey everyone! Daniel from Customer Support Engineering here 🔧 


While it isn't the same integration from @user643​'s screenshot, Checklist by Alvis is an app that you can try out from our app store that will achieve this functionality! Do note that, as this app was built by the Alvis team, you will need to contact their support team to troubleshoot issues with this integration.


It's great to see there's a lot of interest in this feature request! If you haven't already, definitely be sure to drop it in our Product Wishlist Group, and hopefully we'll see this implemented somewhere down the line 👀


Hope this helps 🙌

Actually your checklist is terrible. Can you give examples of other customers who actually successfully use your product?