Product Tour Pointer for Fill in the blank Not Functioning Properly

  • 3 July 2023
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The Product tour allows me to assign a pointer to a pop up field that has text fields to fill in. When testing, the fields do not let us enter the information and shows the “Next” button blurred out. I have tried other types of pointers to see if we can get around this issue but unfortunately, the ‘Fill out Field’ pointer is the best use for this case. 

In depth Explanation:

  • This occurs on a pop up
    • We have adjusted the focus trapping to allow us to point to the fields and we can add pointers for buttons in the fields
  • During the preview testing, it does not allow text to be entered in on the fields
    • The Pointer dialogue displays correctly with the correct text but it shows the “next” button which is greyed out and cannot be pressed
    • I doublechecked to make sure that the pointer was indeed set to ‘Fill in the blank’ and it is. 

Thank you for any feedback that you can provide. 


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Hi there, @Taylor Wise !

Normally when this issue occurs it’s due to Focus Trapping being turned on. I know you said that you’ve ‘adjusted’ your Focus Traps. Does this mean you’ve actually turned it off? Can you double check that you have. Sometimes Focus Trapping is automatically added to modals when you use a third party library such as Bootstrap to add the Element to your site. You’ll want to have your team double check that you’re all good on that front.

I should note that the Focus Trap will only be an issue for when you’re building and Previewing the Tour in the Tour builder modal in your Intercom workspace. Are you running into this issue with the tour on your actual site? Or is this only happening when testing in Preview? If it’s happening while testing in Preview, can you try seeing how it behaves in real life. You should be able to test this by turning off automatic sending, turning on the ‘Use your tour everywhere’ option, and triggering the tour with the URL that is included in the ‘Use everywhere section’.

The ‘Next’ button is most likely grayed out because we require that the User type into the field before the Tour can move forward, but since you can’t type in the field, it will stay grayed out.

Send along any thoughts, answers, and clarifications to the above when you have a moment!