Why are the page rules for our Product Tour not working?

  • 10 November 2021
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We have been building out Product Tours to give our customers a full onboarding tour through our software. To initiate the tours in the right place, we have used a lot of 'current page rules'. However, they do not want: the tours are not triggered at all.


To provide you with a little more detail, our tours should trigger on each new URL that ends with a specific parameter. This tour should then be shown once to this user. Although the preview within the Intercom interface works fine, and some older tours do too, these new ones are never triggered. An example can be found in the screenshot.




Best answer by Kevin Bendixen 10 November 2021, 11:13

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2 replies

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I guess you are using pointers in your tour at some point. Can you make sure that the first pointer you use is definitely available for all users with the same selector?

Thanks Kevin, that did fix it! I indeed selected a wrong pointer. Case closed!