Some product updates from.

Some product updates from...

DecemberHere's a brief roundup of this month's smaller product changes so you never miss an update!





@Product Wishlist​ Here are a few recent updates you may have missed. Let us know if you have any feedback for the teams 😊

The update I'm focused on at the moment is the update concerning discontinuing Campaigns in April. 😑 This is what ALL of our email follow ups from Live Chat are based on. Tried Series and decided we didn't like it when it first came out.


Good example of something that is not a good call for our happiness as customers. Was a poll given? No. (At least that we received) The decision in the email was said to be based on feedback given. Okay... we were never asked for our positive feedback for Campaigns, which is a simple way to create email follow up messages for our guests on our marketplace website.



Hey Bodhi,

Thanks for your input. When we decided to build Series, it was based on feedback we received from multiple sources, of which the primary one was existing campaign customers. (But we definitely didn't poll all our customers about this. :))


What we saw was a need for a more "visual" way to build campaigns as against what you can do right now with Smart campaigns. With Series you can essentially do everything that you can do with campaigns and a lot more. I would love to hear more about what it is with Series that's not working for you and how we can help you move to Series smoothly.

Understood. 🙏 My comment is almost 100% about the discontinuation of Campaigns, not the creation of Series. Why not an option for either?

Good point. Essentially our intent with building Series is to make it a compelling replacement to campaigns. From the feedback we're hearing , we feel quite confident that it's the right direction. We could maintain both products and we will for some time, but there's diminishing returns to that because going ahead we would invest more in Series than campaigns. Features like campaign-level A/B testing, ability to use all messages like tours, bots and even Banner messages inside Series are some indicators of the value add with Series. This would continue in the coming year as we add more capabilities in Series. In fact , the very reason we built Series was because of the way campaigns is architected we weren't able to add any of these new features to it!


Given that, I'm really keen on understanding what's working for you with campaigns that we aren't able to support with Series. Happy to get in a call if that's easier!

That would be awesome. Individual messages' rules are not populating from Campaign to Series and Im having to wait 1 to 2 days per support message to be answered.

Campaigns was set for email follow up for Lead Tags and now, we HAVE to adjust this because Intercom thinks its a good idea. Thats the issue

12 Campaigns total. Some just created a few weeks ago. 😫 Having this project to do on unpaid time with reduced hours, hence the frustration with this. It's not set up so I can easily shift the Campaigns to Series automatically, which would be necessary, in my opinion, to justify a mandated switch

Please let me know when a call could work (EST) and that is perfect 🙏