Trigger Messenger apps after conversations to boost engagement

Trigger Messenger apps after conversations to boost engagement 🤖


You can now automatically insert any Messenger app to close conversations with leads or users instead of the standard Intercom Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) application. This added control gives you more ways to customize how conversations end to provide better customer experiences, generate more leads, and close deals faster! 🚀



To customize your workflows:

  1. Navigate to the Operator > Task Bots > For Users / For Leads area.
  2. Go to the “Ask for conversation rating” section.
  3. Click “Use your own app when closing conversations.”
  4. Choose one from the list of installed applications, or explore the Intercom App Store to install a new app to use. 


More information is available in our help docs, but here is some inspiration to get you started! 🙌


  • Book more meetings with prospective customers by triggering scheduling apps - like Calendly, Google Calendar, and Chili Piper - as soon as conversations close.
  • Track your team’s performance by automatically sending NPS surveys after support conversations using apps like InMoment, Delighted, Survicate, AskNicely, and more.
  • Generate more leads by automatically prompting visitors to subscribe to your newsletter or complete a form using apps like Mailchimp, HubSpot, Typeform, and more.


Cheers! 🍻

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