Build a custom report based on my custom data attribute

  • 27 June 2023
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I’ve been building my own CSAT bot, as suggested in the Help Center. There it says

To report on your own configured CSAT workflow, make sure to apply a custom data attribute to your quick-reply buttons.

This will allow you to use Custom Reports to report on your own configured CSAT, segmenting conversations by ratings and exporting the raw data to calculate your CSAT scores.

I am saving the responses to a custom data attribute, but cannot figure out how to set up a custom report that can analyse this data. In the report set-up, there doesn’t seem to be an option for this. Has anyone managed to do that/can tell me how it works? I couldn’t find the answer on the Help Center.


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Hi @Jana -- Cam from the Intercom Support team here 👋

Looks like you opened up a chat in Messenger and are discussing this with my expert teammate Eden, which is great! I’ll let you focus on that conversation as it sounds like you and Eden have been able to identify the best path forward on this 👍

Would be great if the answer was logged here, so others looking for the same could benefit from it :)