How to measure team capacity with multiple chats at once

  • 2 February 2024
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Hi everyone,


I am trying to do some in-depth analysis of my team’s capacity by looking at historical volume data. The challenge I am facing is that each support agent on the team can have up to 4 chats going at a time, so it’s not as easy as taking the total number of chats and multiplying by the average resolution time—I need to somehow represent in the math the possibility of multiple chats overlapping. Has anyone ever tackled this type of analysis before? How did you approach it?




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Hi merman,

This is a tall order. I would recommend looking into these 3 articles if you haven’t had a chance to read them earlier.

Basically, we have an automatic assignment tool that will take care of distributing workload equally among your agents.

I hope it will help you resolve your issue.

Mat from Support Engineering Team

Hi Mat,


I appreciate the response here, but the answer you provided is not really what I’m looking for. I understand how to assign conversations. What I am trying to figure out is, when looking back at the team’s performance and trying to determine total time spent on chats, how can I do this analysis in a way that factors in the fact that my teammates mights have more than one chat going at a time.


So for example, let’s say in a given month, one of my teammates closes 100 chats, and our average resolution time is 15 mins. I want to know how much total time they spent handling those chats. But it’s not as simple as doing 100*15, because they might have worked multiple chats simultaneously, meaning the time they spent on those chats was concurrent rather than consecutive. I’m looking for advice on how to approach including that possibility in my analysis.


Hope that makes sense! Any further guidance or tips from the community would be much appreciated.

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Reporting is not an easy task, and we don’t have a direct solution for this kind of metric.

Since every organisation is different, I can only point you to our resources about how to measure team effectiveness.

Your use case is interesting, though I will add it as a feature request for our engineers to look into.

Mat from Support Engineering Team

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Hey there @mderman !

The Conversation Handling Time Metric in our reports is going to be your best be here. It will ignore the time that a conversation spends with bots, in snooze mode, closed, and waiting to be assigned.

If, however, an admin leaves their conversations open when they aren’t actively working on them, then there isn’t really a way to discount that time in the report.