Report on response time for custom actions inside of outbound bots

  • 1 November 2022
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we have a custom action that creates customer leads in Dynamics 365.

I am trying to understand how long it takes from the moment a customer triggers the custom action to a successful response from the API endpoint we have created.


I also understand that there is some kind of hardcoded timeout for custom actions in Intercom - I need to know the following three things -


1) how do I access logs/reports in the intercom platform for specific custom actions?

2) how long is the hardcoded timeout limit for a custom action in Intercom?

3) where does intercom store metrics on timeout errors or other issues with custom actions? there is nothing in the help articles I can find about this.


I find that these questions to intercom take a few days to a week to get answers to, so asking here and via the intercom help chat in case anyone else has figured this out already.


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Hey @lloyd​ Racheal from the support engineer team here 👋


I can see my teammate Ayk was able to answer your questions, but I'll post them here for visibility.


1) You can view all the logs in last 7 day to see all the errors that you received:

custom action log2) The maximum amount we wait for custom action to return a response is 15 seconds. After 15 seconds, it will timeout.

3) We log the errors of your custom actions in the custom action view attached above, but we do not currently surface how long the request took. We logged this as a feature request. ✅️

Is there any ways to extend the timeout past 15 seconds?