Can I migrate content between workspaces?

  • 26 April 2021
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If I were to create a test workspace and work on a resolution and custom bots, can I migrate this over to a production workspace? If so, what are the limitations of migrating between workspaces?


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I do not think it is possible - which makes developing things within TEST workspace unnecessary (at least for some light things).



That's something that is urgently needed. I believe I've already mentioned this in some discussions with Intercom people but it's good that is brought up here too and let's tag @Product Wishlist​ to see it 🙂


One more thought on this would be to allow PRODUCTION to be copied to TEST, same as what developers do when they want to develop new stuff, they branch out the copy of production and make it their development branch for the feature they are working on.



Also looking for this, would be great to test comms on staging before putting them live.


@Product Wishlist​ 

@Product Wishlist​  Manually transferring from TEST is a PITA

As the person most responsible for bringing Intercom into my company, this missing feature really makes me look bad. Intercom looks like it is not experienced in working enterprise environments. I don't understand how so many large enterprises seem to use this product without the most basic ability to develop and test in lower environments -- then safely package it up to deploy/migrate to a prod environment.


It makes it pretty easy to mess up customer experiences since you have to 'build' content and behavior in production. The least Intercom could do is provide some way to print out the metadata of a configuration in a TEST workspace so it would make the manual recreation in PROD easier and less error prone. Right now I am copying text and making screenshots.



I also have had issues with extra characters when copy/pasting from TEST to prod (^&%^ on the end).


So not only can we not simply migrate TEST-Prod there are chances of typo's as well as copypasta issues as well.


Migrating seems like it would be a simple process to implement and maintain the buttons, copy, and logic.

Not possible based on a recent Intercom Chat

This is a huge pain, especially when managing multiple Intercom instances.

It pretty much forces us to either spend a lot of time duplicating settings and recreating automations or make changes directly in production which is obviously risky.

We are going with a mix now which is far from ideal and causes plenty of headaches.

Does anyone know any alternative products on the market that can do this? Because it seems that Intercom is getting quite pricey for just being a customer support chat + sending emails without more robust features to test before production roll-out

Laura here, I’m a Lead on our Support team 👋

Really appreciate all the great feedback in this thread – for context, in my 7 years at Intercom this is something I’ve run into and had to work around as well, and know it isn’t a great experience. We’ve had discussions with our product team off and on about the limitations and technical lift to build a data migration, and haven’t gotten this integrated into our roadmap at this point as the team has focused on creating other preview experiences in the UI (testing the Messenger, Fin, and Workflows before going live – we actually have an improved Workflows preview experience coming later this year).

But I know those preview experiences don’t support things like data migration or app integrations between TEST and production workspaces, so we still have a lot of area for improvement here.

@Theren Moodley Totally understand if this is a blocker for you to get Intercom working effectively for your team. We designed Intercom with a wide suite of features as a complete support solution moreso than a chat + email only tool, and our product team’s attention has been pulled in different directions than the TEST workspace feature request recently.

That said, I’m reaching out to our product team to ensure they’ve seen the context in this thread, and see if we can pull more attention back to this feature request again. It’s something I’m really eager for as well, and keeping a close eye on. 👀