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  • 24 April 2024
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My company is using Intercom in several teams (Support, Sales and Success). We’ve created three separate teams inside Intercom. Is there a possibility to limit the view of each of the teammembers to only see their dedicated team’s inbox? I.e. Support should only see messages asssigned to Support, and not to Sales and Success.


I’d be more than happy to provide more details - please note I am quite new to Intercom, so apologies if this question shows my lack of basic knowledge.


Thanks in advance!


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Hi @Aleksandra Makówka !

No need for apologies! We’re all here to learn something new!

When setting up your Teammate and/or Role permissions in your workspace there’s an option there for only allowing access to conversations in Inboxes that the Teammate is assigned to. You can create Roles for your teams and set the permissions in the Teams & Roles menu (as shown below) or you can set those permissions for individual Teammates in the Teammates menu.