Welcome to the Support Operations User Group

  • 31 January 2024
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Welcome to the new Support Operations User Group!


Why did we set up this group? We know that Customer Support has been changed forever by the recent advances in AI. We often focus on the use of AI for customer interactions via Fin or to help in the Inbox,  but there are many activities that support teams undertake that will be radically changed in an AI driven support world. Many of these activities broadly fall into what can be termed ‘Support Operations’. Some of this work includes capacity planning, workforce management, conversational analysis,  quality assurance, KPI reporting, customer health monitoring, and measuring ‘customer experience’. It is clear that these activities are critical to the success day to day functioning of support teams. 

In Customer Support at Intercom we experience all of the same challenges that you, our customers, experience and we’d love the opportunity to interact together to better understand the world of Support Operations in an AI driven world. We’d like to share things that we are doing to really embrace the opportunity that AI presents and to also hear from you about the innovative things that you are doing. We will run various events for this group to bring insights on Support Operations, and in particular share at a more detailed level some of the work that our own Support Operations team are undertaking. 

This is a space for us to collaborate, innovate, and learn from each other. We welcome and encourage strong participation in the group, with healthy debate and discussion the norm.

To kick off the discussion, we would  love to hear from you on the following: 

  • What activities do you include or think of when you hear the term ‘‘Support Operations’? 
  • How do you do ‘support operations’ today - is it a single person, part of someone’s time, a multi-person team or not even on your radar at this time? 
  • What challenges do you have in ‘Support Operations’ today? 

I am really looking forward to this group becoming a vibrant community that is helping to shape ‘best practice’ for Support Operations. 

Declan Ivory 

VP Customer Support, Intercom 



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Support Operations is inherent of the name itself - we support the operations-side of the business. From things like making sure the product is working as expected across various channels, to facilitating a team of agents in ensuring clean communications with every customer; it’s a herculean effort. 

I have a lean team of contractors who each play a vital role in the success of “Support Operations”. We’re navigating through what it ultimately will look like, while also balancing things like an AI tool that helps with handling transactional tickets we frequently see. 

Challenges are more bandwidth central at the moment, but I’m so confident in the folks on my team that’ll propel us to become a stronger department!

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Thanks for sharing your perspectives and I love your term ‘herculean effort’ - very apt. I’d love to understand more about your operation and the particular challenges that you face in ‘support operations’ and how you currently see AI influencing what you do. 



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Hi @luvbug8586, is there anything you need help with? If you let us know more information, we’d be able to look into it 👍

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