Collecting & Sending Survey Data

  • 13 June 2024
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Hi All, 

I want to create a survey that can be sent out through an email campaign, or through the chat function and for that data to be linked back to the account details. When using a sharable link, the survey data is anonymous, and with the context of my survey it makes the data we receive pointless. 

Any help would be great. 


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2 replies

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Hi @Caelum ! Ebenezer here from Engineering Support👋.

We actually have a very detailed article that shows you multiple ways for you to store survey data.

Here it is.

Hope this helps!

Hi @Ebenezer.Laleye 

Thank you for replying, but I have read that article before and it is not what I am looking for unfortunately. My question is not about storing the data, it is more about collecting the data. 

From my understanding, if a survey is shared through shareable link or embedded in an email, it will record the answers to the survey as anonymous and therefore cannot be stored under a user/company. 

I know that if a customer IS logged in to our portal, it will then store the survey results correctly. But the survey I am building is directed at customers who are unengaged with the platform, and therefore will not be logged into the platfrom.