Doubt about “Frequency and scheduling”


I have questions about “Frequency and scheduling” and the option “Send whenever the person matches the rules”.

My configurations rules


  • Limit to once every:12 weeks 
  • Keep sending it until: the message is stopped 
  • Send: on any day, any time 

#1. What happens if the user presses the X (cancel) in the top right corner of the NPS question? The message is closed.

#2. When does the same user get the same NPS again?
-Will it appear 12 weeks later?
-Will it appear when they log back in from the app and see the NPS again?

#3. Is it possible to set up a rule in the intercom app, for example: if the user cancels the NPS flow, I'll show the same NPS flow to the same user again the following week.
-Is this possible?
-Where can I create this rule?

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@User1594 Unfortunately the disappointing answer is going to probably be that once your user dismisses the message - it won’t appear again for them again even after the 12 weeks unless another new NPS request is pushed that they are an audience member for, meaning that 2 and 3 aren’t possible. 

I answered a similar question previously here where @Racheal from Intercom responded to confirm at that time once you dismiss it’s not going to show again.  

Not sure if anything has changed since then that I’m not aware of.   I imagine you could setup a workflow to check for people who were sent the last one during a certain time frame but didn’t respond and add a new NPS survey for people who didn’t answer but I’m not sure if there’s any data you can use to know if they dismissed it and if they did, maybe it would be better to send follow up in a different manner so it’s not annoying to have it pop up again after dismissing.  User expectation would be that you never see it again but maybe Intercom needs to add some features for “Remind me later” or ‘Ask me next time” -- I’ve seen this with some banking app offers etc.  This way if the user does have an intention to fill it out later they won’t just dismiss and you won’t be able to have it surface the popup again.

Hope this helps!



Hi @Nathan Sudds 

Yes, it's really disappointing because the range is much smaller compared to other apps. 

It really was essential to have a free option in the configuration where I could set ‘Ask me later’ to be able to present the same flow 1 week later to the same user.

Example of one of your competitors.

Could you tell me if there will be this feature in the future?

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Hey @User1594 👋 It is not possible to snooze Surveys in Intercom  at the moment, but I agree that this feature would be great to have! I’ve passed this along as a feature request to the Product team for you. I would recommend keeping an eye on New at Intercom for product releases and updates like this ✨ 🚀