Is it possible to send the first question (e.g. NPS rating) as part of an email to improve response rates?

If not, is it planned to enable that? Are there ways how I could build that kind of template on my own? (Developer background is present). Thank you very much in advance :)


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Hey @gernot​ ! Have you checked our article on survey Would that work for you?

Hi @aparna​ 


thanks for your response! The article you shared I'm well aware of, but it doesn't address the core question I'm afraid.


What I want to achieve is to ask the first question (like an NPS rating) in the email directly, so the first question is embed right in the email message, instead of having the user click a link to the survey and login to our service so Intercom can deliver the survey.

The goal is to ease sharing feedback and therefore to improve response rates (as less clicks are needed and I have the users attention at the time they read the email already).


I like the "Outbound - Series" Feature and use it frequently now, for messaging as well as services. E.g. There I'd like to be able to ask the first question of a survey as part of an email (Like Typeform allows for it to embed the initial survey question in an email already).


I hope that clarifies what I'm looking for 🙂 (and which doesn't seem to be possible at the moment)

@gernot​ ! Got it. Right now it is not possible to send it via email directly. A possible option would be to create a shareable URL for the survey and then insert the URL in the email message. Again the link will open up the page where the Messenger is installed. I totally see where you are coming from. I would suggest you flagging it in our product wishlist page here

@Aparna We’re trying to do something similar to this, but when we link out to our site in our email for the user to finish the survey, we lose the user data. Is there a way via URL parameters that we could pass and retain the user data so we can accurately track survey respondents? 

The ideal scenario would be the user finishes the survey and we are able to attach the user id and all survey related data to the specific user. 

We have gotten the survey up and running on our site after being linked out from the survey email, we just don’t have the user data anymore.

  window.intercomSettings = {
api_base: "",
app_id: "----Our app id----"

Could I send URL parameters through the email link and link the user in some way here when we loadup the wordpress page?

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Hey @Gernot 👋 

Just popping in to let you (and anyone else coming across this post in the future) know it is possible to embed a Survey in an email! You will just need to generate and copy the HTML snippet from the Additional ways to share your Survey section:


Once you have copied the HTML snippet, create an email and insert "HTML":


Next, just paste the HTML code into the modal, click "Save" and your first survey question will appear in the email.


And you should be good to go! You can find always find this information (and more ways to share) in our Help Article here.


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Hey @Justin Christian 👋 


At the moment, Intercom does not support the ability to track logged out users via URL parameters, as mentioned here the user must log in. But I totally understand where you're coming from here and I would love to pass this along as a feature request for the product team! This is a great idea for our product ideas board!