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  • 15 September 2023
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Hey guys,
I'm looking for a tool that will make it easier for me to collect, input and categorize user feedback. Currently I'm working with a dumb spreadsheet that is way too big to get useful insights out of.

Do you know any tools or features that could help me?


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Hi @MyFitCoach , what do you define as user feedback in your ops? Is it CSAT / NPS / Something else ?

We mostly get textbased feedback from our users. CSAT and NPS Surveys are already automated. So basically I want to get all the feedback in one place with a categorization like mentioned in this article:

We want to use this strategy but we don’t want to store everything in a spreadsheet. But I'm happy to be proven wrong if there is an effective solution via spredsheets.

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@MyFitCoach Have you checked out any of the 3rd party solutions in the App Store yet?  I’ve tested out a number of options in the past and depending on your goals you should be able to achieve what you are looking for with a combination of tags in Intercom and 3rd party tools. 

I don’t know if it’s still actively being developed at the moment but at a previous company I implemented Userfeed which allows you to tag with their addon, create roadmaps and even publicly accessible feedback pages for your customers to view those requests (if you want some of the info to be public).   It’s all integrated into Intercom tags features so there’s multiple ways to access the info plus send out emails once those features change status with the Proactive Support/Outbound features of Intercom. 

There’s also integrations with popular tools like ProductBoard where you can highlight key insights and pass them to Productboard to organize and use prioritization methods on as well etc. 

Intercom’s own build in Topics and Conversations Tags produce some valuable reports as well that could highlight some things for you but may not replace everything you are currently getting from the spreadsheets. 

If it’s helpful to talk about the options, I’d be happy to jump on a call and point you in the right direction or help you get to your goals if you want some additional support.  Feel free to just send me a DM here via the community or on socials. 

Hope this is helpful!

Thank you @Nathan Sudds,
we are now testing ProductBoard, because it seems the integrations with Intercom ans Slack are working very good. It also matches with our idea of collecting feature ideas and priorization.