How to handle the need for multilingual Ticket forms?

  • 1 April 2024
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I understand that ticket names don’t support multiple languages.

Ticket type names and attributes don’t get translated / localized in the Messenger even if you support multiple languages.


What’s your advise now?

Should we create multiple ticket types just to handle the name display? 

But can we show different ticket types based on languages?


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Hey @feversocial team 👋


Yes, creating different ticket types for each language would be the best available option at the moment.


If you are sending the Ticket within a Workflow, you can achieve this by using Branches.




If you are sharing the Ticket in the Messenger, there is no such option at the moment. You can apply audience rules to the ticket links like the below, but the current limitation here is that you won’t be able to add this app multiple time, therefore it won’t be possible to show it for multiple languages. If it was possible to add this app multiple times, then you would use Browser Language rule on all of them to specify which one shows for which language. This would be a feature request at this stage. I will actually submit it internally on my end. 😊


Hope this clarifies your question.