Ability of Representative to barge in and take control of conversation even if the custom bot has not finished its sequence

I want to run a custom bot with a caveat that my rep is able to take control of the conversation anytime i.e. even if the custom bot has not completed the entire sequence.


So essentially the chat is assigned to a rep but as the rep is currently unavailable the bot is interacting using the predetermined sequence. As soon as the representative becomes available, he takes over, the custom bots stops its sequence and the rep handles the entire conversation. How do we implement this. And what functions we can leverage not limiting to custom bot, inbox automation rules etc.


Best answer by Lisa B11 19 May 2022, 16:20

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Hey @user1226​ 👋


A teammate can reply at any point of the custom bot conversation. As soon as the teammate replies, the bot stops, that would be the expected behaviour.

Hello there, this is not happening in our case. The bot keeps responding even after teammate has assigned conversation to themselves and replied to the conversation.