auto-forward eails with PDF attachment?

  • 13 June 2024
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I have a common use case where customers send email attachments that our service processes for them, but they often send these to our general inbound  support email inbox rather than to a dedicated inbox here they’ll be auto-processed from.


Is it possible to set up an Intercom automation that will recognise when an incoming email has a PDF attachment and is from a known customer, and will auto-forward that email with the attachment?


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3 replies

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Hi @Richard Foxworthy ! Ebenezer here from Engineering Support👋.

I don’t believe we currently have this functionality but that's a great suggestion, thank you. Right now, our workflows are built to detect specific works in the body of a message but I can see how it might be helpful to have the ability to check if there is an attachment. Our team would need to investigate the feasibility of implementing this type of functionality, but I'll make sure to share your use-case and any feedback...

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Thanks Ebenezer - this would be a huge improvement in my Intercom experience if the team can add this functionality.


In my situation, its common they simply send the email with an attachment and no text content, so its not possible to identify these kinds of messages via the message content

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Hey @Richard Foxworthy 


You can achieve this by using our Webhooks and REST API sources.


For example, if you use the conversation.user.created topic, you will receive a notification payload each time a new conversation is created. Then in this payload you can check whether the message had an attachment in PDF format and take actions accordingly. (e.g. assign the conversation via API)



With the Workflows you can check if the Message has attachment, but you can’t check which type of attachment it is. So the above option would be the best to achive your use-case.

Hope this helps!