Can a Fin Customer Answer (resolution bot) conflict with a 'Workflow sent after first message'?

  • 11 October 2023
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I was just exploring the functionality of letting the customer type when you have a ‘Customer opens new conversation in the Messenger’ workflow.

Our current process is we have composer disabled, the customer is then triaged via buttons to a relevant query, then if it didn't help or they click a ‘something else’ option they’re directed towards chat support, with FIN there to try and answer the query as one last try at self serve support before they do definitely get assigned to an agent.

I just wanted to know what would happen if we did enable the composer from the beginning with Fin custom answers as an option at the beginning as well as buttons, and whether that would conflict with any re-usable bots set up to be triggered by key words in a customer’s first message.



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Hey @Oliver Cook 👋

Thanks for reaching out! Larissa here from Intercom Support.

Fin can work in harmony with Workflows/ Custom Bots by either passing to them, or you can set them up to pass to Fin.

If you have Custom Answers and AI-generated answers enable, the matching order is:

Customer opens the Messenger

  1. Workflow/Custom Bot which uses the trigger 'When a customer opens the Messenger'.

  2. Fin intro message.

Customer sends a message

  1. Fin will try to answer, first with Custom Answers if this matches the question and audience, and then with AI Answers.

  2. Workflow/Custom Bot which uses the trigger 'After a customer sends their first message'.

So if you have a Workflow/Custom Bot set up when a customer opens the Messenger, and the customer matches the audience rules for this Workflow, this will take precedent over Fin and they'll see the prompt and reply buttons in the Messenger. But as soon as a customer sends their first message, a matching Fin profile will take precedent over a Workflow/Custom Bot.

For more information on this topic, I’d recommend that you have a look at this article that explains how to use Fin alongside other automations.

Hope this helps!