Chatbot based on a text response, possible?

  • 6 November 2023
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Hi, is it doable to create a chatbot based on a text response?


  • Type “Now” If you would like to speak with someone in our team now → bot displays phone number to call 
  • Type “Later,” if you prefer to schedule a consultation → bot displays Calendly link 

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Hey @Meylen 


You can achieve this by using Workflows. Within your workflow, you can use “Branches” to redirect your user to different paths based on their text message content.


With the below example, you won’t be able to connect the “Else” path to A. Path, this is why you need to create a fallback path separately.


Also, it looks like depending on your triggers, you can connect the else path to A. Path.


For example, if you use “Customer opens a new conversation in the Messenger” as a trigger, then you can actually force the user to enter one of the values as a text since you can send them back to the “A. Path” if they send any other message instead of typing Now or Later.


As a result, if the end user types anything other than “Now” or “Later”, they see the first bot message again. Until they actually reply with one of the options.


Hope this helps 😊