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I encountered an issue where the Custom Bot is only firing once on customer visits to our website. I chose the trigger: Customer visits a page and specified our website URL. It only pops up only on the first instance that a customer visits the website however is not the case when the same customer access the website the 2nd time onwards. Show Bot Until is set at: Engaged with. Frequency and scheduling is already set as follows:

-Send every time the person matches the rules

-Start sending immediately

-Never stop sending

-Any day, any time

Please help on what else can I do to make the Bot fire regardless if the customer is unique or repeat website visitor.

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I tried setting up a custom bot via the trigger - Customer visits a page. The bot only interacts to users once. After this, if they try to visit the same page again, the bot does not automatically fire. In the ‘Show Bot Until’ - I already chose Engage With. Frequency and Scheduling is set as Send every time the person matches the rules. Appreciate some advise on how I can make the Bot persistent.

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Hi @Cris Pangilinan 

Jennifer here from support 😀

I’m going to escalate this to the inbox and a support rep should be in touch with you shortly.


Did this ever get resolved?

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Hi @Paul Chambers -- Cam from the Intercom Support team here 😁

Yes, the behaviour exhibited here is in in fact ‘expected’ when the Engaged with option is selected in the “Show workflow until” settings as mentioned in the below details from this article:

"Engaged with — Send the Workflow to customers consistently until they engage with it by selecting a Workflow path.

If they dismiss the Workflow or open the Messenger, it will be hidden for the remainder of their session. When they start a new session, the Workflow will be shown again, until they engage with it.


There’s no way to ‘override’ this behaviour such that the Workflow will trigger and display persistently within the same ‘session’ and/or after they’ve ‘engaged’ with it other than to workaround it by creating multiple duplicate Workflows so that if the end-user was seen and engaged with “Workflow A1”, the next time they land on the page they will trigger “Workflow A2”, and so on. It’s a bit of a workaround solution, but hopefully helps somewhat. 


Let me know if you have any follow-up questions on this 👍