Custom bot to prompt customers to leave review on third party websites based on customer rating response.

  • 29 June 2023
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Hello -

We have enabled the conversation rating feature in Intercom, but also wanted to follow up with the customers that left certain ratings. For 4 or 5 star ratings, we would like to send a follow up message to thank them and request a review on a separate website. 


For 3 star ratings and below, we would like to send a message regarding an escalation and that a manager would be reaching out shortly. 


Additionally, we are trying to integrate slack notifications w/ these messages to make us aware when a particular message is sent to one of those cohorts of customers. Is this possible?


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Hey there @Boom Management !

You are be able to do this, but only if you create a Custom Customer Satisfaction workflow, it won't be an option with the Pre-built CSAT bot we offer in Intercom.


Custom Bots now let you configure what happens to a conversation when you either close, open or snooze a conversation with the new "When a teammate changes the state of a conversation" trigger. This will allow you to send a customized bot message and the CSAT rating at the end of the conversation.





If you want to create your own Customized Rating request, you can build your own CSAT workflow using the same trigger (‘When a teammate changes the state of a conversation’) and clicking the ‘Closed’ state. You can then use Reply Buttons for the Rating options presented to the Customer and save their response as a Custom Attribute:


And depending on the score they give you in this path, you can direct them to a new path to leave a review on a 3rd party site.

The new Custom Bot trigger has conditions to help tailor orchestration of when CSATs should be fired:

  • Total typed characters
  • Teammate has replied
  • Is group conversation
  • Last customer reply
  • Last teammate reply
  • Conversation starter
  • Created via API
  • Conversation rating requested

Some important things to note:

  • CSAT action is only available in the newly released ‘Conversation state changed’ trigger and in 'Reusable Bots'
  • The conversation rating task bot will not fire if you've enabled a workflow using the 'When a teammate changes the state of a conversation' trigger and ‘Closed’ state (even if the CSAT action is not applied).
  • When a teammate changes the state of a conversation’ bots will not fire over email yet. The conversation rating task bot will act as a fallback in email conversations.

You can learn more about triggering CSAT with Custom Bots in this article!


Hi @Jacob Cox 

Similarly to OP, I would like to enroll users into a Series when they rate a conversation.

Currently, it seems there is no native Intercom event when a conversation rating takes place.

I have looked through your API documentation, hoping it would then be possible to create such an event ourselves.
But seeing as it is not an event that takes place in our product, but rather in Intercom, I am coming up short.

How can it be that Intercom does not have a native event for conversation ratings?

In dialog with Intercom Support, I have found it to be possible, but not really feasible 😏

You would need to subscribe to the webhook topic conversation.rating.added then, when it gets the webhook, trigger an event via REST API and then that event could be used as the entry rule for the Series.


This means we need to engage our engineers to build and run a service, on a server somewhere, just for this.

Where a native Intercom event for conversation ratings would solve it all…

No need for Custom CSAT Bots.

No need for external services, constantly listening for conversation ratings over API.


Pleeeeeease @Intercom - introduce native events for conversation ratings 🙏


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Hi @User778 ! Ebenezer here from Engineering Support👋.

I am more than happy to submit this as a feature request for our engineers to look into.

Could you reach out to us with this suggestion via Messenger? It will be a bit easier to keep track of this request with the feature.