Error "Starting the first path with non-text messages..." on workflow creation

  • 12 March 2024
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Hello !

I created a workflow and at one point I started getting an error on the first path.

The message is on the screenshot : Starting the first path with non text messages is only supported from...”

I don’t understand it because i think the first path is a text message with “Bonjour...”

Have you an idea to resolve the issue ?

Thanks in advance !




Best answer by cameron.gumley 15 March 2024, 04:28

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Hi @Ophélie Le Bras -- Cam from the Intercom Engineering Support team here. 

Looks like you’ve had a chat in Messenger with one of my teammates - Sean - but wanted to get back to you here as well for completeness and for reference by the wider community here. You’d be seeing this flag because, given the Intercom system has identified that this workflow could trigger for end-users in your iOS and/or Android mobile apps, the content of the workflow may not be fully supported by the SDK version you’re currently running - updating the SDK being used in your mobile app to the version referenced in the flag (or higher) will ensure the workflow content will be able to appear as expected in Messenger in your mobile app.

Hope that helps. Let me (or Sean in your chat) know if you have any follow-up questions on this!

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I had this problem too!  Its the line-breaks--it doesn’t see them as characters. 

Instead of regular line-breaks, use shift+enter to go to the next line in your message.