have custom bot respone whatsapp conversation

  • 27 October 2022
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I need the bot to ask some questions before assigning a whatsapp conversation to a real agent.


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Hey @user1954​ 👋🏼


Shauna here from Intercom Support!


Currently WhatsApp use with Custom Bots, Resolution Bot and Outbound is not supported - it's not possible to set up. This would be a feature request 🚀


I will flag this with the product team for you - Please provide any additional feedback or share any other context you may have in regards to your use case here and I can pass it along ✨

Is this still true? In the documentation it says “You can now also see and use WhatsApp as a channel filter in Inbox rules, Custom Bots, and reports.”. So it works with custom bots now but not (yet?) with resolution bot?

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Hello 👋

I wanted to post an update to this, as you’re now able to automate and deflect more inbound conversations over social media, Email and SMS!

In custom bots, you can create a bot under the new trigger “After a customer sends the first message”, where you can configure it to work on WhatsApp. This will trigger a bot when a customer sends you a message over WhatsApp.

When creating your bot, you can add steps to collect data from your user before routing the conversation to an agent.

Here’s the help center article


@Robert Buzink On Resolution Bot, you can also select the channels you want it to run over!