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  • 27 February 2024
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Hi there, our phone lines have been on for an hour, but we have no calls coming in, they all come in as abandoned. Agents are in the phone channel, and are all experiencing the same issue. The calls are not being assigned to any queue, and the abandoned conversations are ending up in the All queue.

When customers call in/during testing we hear “Application error” and then it hangs up, and appear as abandoned, but end up in the unassigned queue.

Our workflows look to be performing correctly and nothing has changed that we can detect, and phones worked normally yesterday. 


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2 replies

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Hey @ChelseaAZ 👋 Sorry to hear about this issue you’re facing - Given the nature of this and that we’ll likely need some further details here, I’m going to pass this over to the team as a Conversation to take further action on this issue for you. You’ll get a response from us via the Messenger in your workspace 💬

Good Morning,

We have been experiencing similar issues intermittently over the last few days on multiple occasions. When I place a test call, I will hear the initial greeting and press 1 for Sales for example, but then the phone call goes silent. No follow up messages such as transferring to an agent, the call is not assigned to anyone in Intercom, nothing. Eventually the call will hang up and show abandoned on the intercom side. 

I will note that this issue is intermittent. If I call back, it may work just fine, 

Can we get some improvements on this asap? Phone calls are critical to our business.