How can I target a custom bot by page?

  • 6 November 2020
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I setup a custom bot on a sub-page of my website. 


A visitor to the main webpage can click on a link that opens the subpage in a new tab. 

Then if they click on a CTA button on the sub-page, the custom bot launces. All works fine on the subpage as it should, but I see that if I go back to the main webpage (still open) the bot is open there aswell.


I only want the bots to launch on the sub page. How can I fix this?


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3 replies

Hi @user446​ 👋


Thanks for reaching out here! If you'd like to target where your Custom Bot fires, you can definitely do so by visiting the Custom Bot in question and drilling down the Rules section during setup. From there, you can choose when to send this, which will include the option to target by URL. You can click through, select Contains, and then add the URL as it appears in your browser bar. Once you've done so and saved, you should see it fire on the desired page.


Attaching an image here for clarity 👇



Let me know if that helps!

Hi Beth


Thanks for the response.


When I created the custom bot, and selected the button on the webpage to launch it from, the rule got setup automatically. As an example, the URL in the rule is something like:>


It launches in the subpage just fine, BUT it also launches in the main page also, i.e.>


Could the problem be something to do with the fact that the link to the subpage on the main-page opens the subpage in a new tab?


Thanks for any further advice / suggestions on how to resolve this!

Quick update (via Intercom Support): so it seems that it's driven by how the Messenger widget is first loaded.


For example, if a user arrives directly to the subpage e.g. Messenger is loaded and the support widget becomes visible and clickable. If I then click on the CTA button, the bot will launch and proceed ok.


However, the way I have it setup is that the user first arrives at the website main page and Messenger is engaged, so to speak. By clicking on a link on that page, it loads the subpage in a new tab and Messenger opens on the subpage. At this point Messenger is open in two pages at the same time. So, when I click on the CTA on the subpage, the bot is launched on both messenger "instances".


CONCLUSION: I am not able to "close" the Messenger widget on the mainpage (and keep the mainpage open) when I load the subpage.


The obvious fix is rather than opening the subpage in a new tab, I open it in the same tab (and close the mainpage), thereby only having 1 Messenger widget open.