How to stop chat workflow from closing chats

  • 15 June 2024
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We have our chats set up with a workflow, however for some reason the chats are closing after a while not giving us a chance to see if first to respond at a later time. We have to watch our closed tickets to find them and reopen them.

Is there a way we should be setting this up to allow those chats to stay in an open state until we respond and close them on our end?

Thanks in advance! Appreciate your assistance and insight on how to ensure they stay open.


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3 replies

This is what I found:


To ensure that chats in Intercom stay open until you respond and close them, you can utilize Workflows to manage conversation assignments. Set up a Workflow to automatically assign conversations to a team or teammate based on various criteria such as message content or customer wait time. This way, conversations remain open and in control of the assigned team or teammate until they decide to close them manually.

However, be aware that there is a feature to auto-close conversations where customers stop interacting with your customer-facing Workflows. If you want to keep conversations open regardless of customer interaction, ensure that the "Auto-close abandoned workflow conversations" setting is not enabled in your Automation > Settings.

Thanks so much, Vuk, this is helpful! 

Happy I can help!