I have created two custom bots for landing pages that should be triggered when a customer opens messenger. I am not able to get them to work. Any common issues or errors I should know about?

  • 9 February 2023
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I have 2 custom bots that are set to when a customer opens messenger on 2 different landing pages.


I have tried to utilize the "when currently URL is" and "when current URL contains" with no luck on either page/bot.


When I recreated the bot and used "when customer visits your site" the bot works. Our marketing and sales team do not want the translucent pop up that this creates. they only want this bot to work if the customer opens the messenger.


Is there something I should be looking out for? Maybe a simple setting or set up piece that I'm overlooking? any help would be greatly appreciated.

2 replies


Hi Darrel!


Any possibility to share a screenshot of your rules here or does it include GDPR-protected content? It would make it way easier to be able to help you then.

Did you ever find a solve for this? I am currently experiencing this issue. It only occurs on within one URL (a Salesforce URL). I tested the bot on a different URL (Outside of Salesforce) and all other bots/rules are functioning properly on the page. It is only the “When customer opens messenger” that I am having trouble launching. Curious if you found any common troubleshooting help. Thank you!