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  • 25 December 2023
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Hi everyone. I have a following use case
I want to tag some users based on the workflow in Intercom. After the specific tag appears on the customer in Intercom, I want this customer to automatically appear in the Segment in


I tried to meddle with the  zapier, but it does not offer the specific action “add to segment in”.


Can someone help with this? 


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Hi @Denis Taranets !


There are a couple ways you can do this. Both ways require a little knowledge of working with APIs, 

Option 1- Custom Actions in Workflows

  1. Create a Custom Action that makes an API call to and adds the customer to the Segment. You’ll need to consult their developer docs for details on how to use their API and confirm that they allow you to add customers to Segments this way.
  2. Add the Custom Action to the same workflow that you’re using to Tag the customer. You can read up on using Custom Actions in Workflows here.
  3. Now, when the customer goes through the workflow, the Custom Action will get triggered and it will make an API call to

Option 2 - Build it from scratch

  1. You can subscribe to our contact.user.tag.created Webhook, This will create a notification every time a contact gets tagged.
  2. Write a script that screens these webhook notifications for the specific Tag that you’re looking for
  3. When the script comes across the correct Tag, it makes an API call to to add the customer to the Segment.

Both of these options require to have an API that you can access and accomplish this action, so you’ll want to check with their docs/support team to see what’s possible!