Is it possible to start an auto workflow by pushing out a message to a user based on a ticket or custom attributes in the bot?

  • 24 January 2023
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For years we have been struggling with finding a smooth workflow with forgotten items (we are a taxi company).


Our main problem is that

  1. Intercom doesn't let us connect to conversations easily
  2. We can't seem to collect information and automatically send it out to another user (from rider to driver) - we always have to be the intermediary between them creating a LOT of extra steps in the process.


With tickets I thought this could make the situation easier but it seems like there isn't really an easy way to pull out the information and use it (for instance Forgotten item, description, driver name). It seems like we actually have to do it manually AND use it in the terribly organized menu on the right side.


I tried with both tickets and custom attributes to fill out in the custom bot but nothing seems simple and it seems like we anyway have to manually forward the information via a message to the driver afterwards. (Also link the conversation via notes which seems so manual and unprofessional).


Is there anyone with a similar workflow who can help? I wonder how other companies do forgotten items easily.


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Looping in @user382​ @Cyan Cone 7​ @bar​ in case they can advise on that 👍

Thanks @diana t12​ !


@user187​  These types of problems are exactly the things I love helping teams with, I can imagine how frustrating this is -- I come from the mindset that anything is possible if we get creative enough, I've got a few ideas but need to see a bit more context to understand how we might solve this for you. Could we setup a time to connect? Here's my calendar to find a time to connect ->


I can't say that I've setup something exactly like this but I did come up with quite a few creative things in the past to solve unique problems -- we may be able to solve the issue with an external tool that integrates with Intercom if there's not something built-in we can do i.e. for example or if not we can build something custom but I have a feeling that's not necessary!.


Feel free to reach out and book a time or let me know if there's another way you prefer to connect.

Continuing the thought, I remember having a forgotten item in an Uber at an airport and how stressful that felt, it was great to be able to click a button and get connected with the driver right away --- the way they did it as the time was it seemed to trigger a 3rd party call between the two parties when I clicked a button. It called me and said, waiting to connect to your driver or something like this and I was also able to message them. I could see a few ways we might be able to make this happen if we've got the right data in Intercom available.


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Hi @Nathan Sudds tagging you in here to continue the conversation if you like as looks like the above answers belong to you :)