Is there a way to change the speaker icon color within a video bot?

  • 29 December 2020
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From Intercom's help center, it says, "Video bots are muted by default. Visitors can easily unmute them by clicking the speaker icon:"


However, the speaker icon is a really dark color in our video bot, so it's nearly impossible to see.


In the help article below though, their screenshots shot the speaker icon being white:>


How can we change the speaker icon color on our end to be white?


Thank you for the help!


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Hello @greg w12​ , I don't think that it's possible to change that speaker icon, recommending to submit feedback to @Product Wishlist​ group.

I also noticed that the Custom bot not supporting embed video sending. That's a little bit strange, cause outbound message supports embed video and Wistia.

You can also try to find some apps which help you to send videos inside the custom bot in the AppStore.

I hope this will be helpful, Wishing you a Happy new year 🎅