Just wondering, is anybody else having trouble getting their resolution bots to trigger consistently?

  • 30 September 2020
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I created several resolution bots to deal with some easier customer question that come up regularly. However, there are always chats coming into our inboxes that should clearly be answered by the bot. Some don't even trigger at all. I can't even get them to show up with the auto-suggest, which leads me to believe the bot is having some trouble with those questions.

I did add lots of examples in training and also tried to vary them.


Curious to hear your input.


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3 replies

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@kevin b​, The best way to identify the issue here will be to send conversation IDs to Intercom support and they can track what's going wrong. 


You can also check the following most common problems:

1) Bot replies only to new conversations;

2)Maybe answers have audience targeting turned on?


Hope this helps.

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@roy s11​ Thanks for your suggestion. I already ruled out the two hints you gave as most common problems. I will contact the Intercom support some day with a few conversation IDs to check, thanks for that.

Just wondering, how much they will be able to help as we are currently only using German bots

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@kevin b​ , They can track conversation and can tell you exactly why Resolution bot don't respond. 


Always happy to help Interconnect members 😎