Maybe I'm overlooking this in the help center, but it would be awesome to be able to use Macros in resolution bot replies/answers. Thanks so much!

Maybe this is an option that I'm just not seeing🤞 ? Many of the macros that agents use are the same answers we would want a bot to give.

Thanks a million!


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@steph n​ If you already used a macro to reply to one of the example questions (the ones you chose while training the bot) you can use the text as the bot reply. After the first bot response, you can decide to add tags or assign the conversation, plus some more actions. What exactly do you wish to do?

Hi @kevin b​ ! Thanks - that's helpful! I'm trying to cut down on the management many answers as things inevitably change over and over, as far as the info that we need to provide our users. We always keep our macros updated, but making sure that every answer has the latest accurate answer (to match the macros) is a lot - and it feels like there is room for error. Was just hoping there was a way with resolution bots to have that info come from one source. 🙂 Appreciate your answer above, thanks again!

Agree, we are constantly updating macros and it’s a lot of extra work to update both the macro as well as the Answer.