Needing Help with Conversation Tags

  • 7 February 2024
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Hi, new to workflow and running into a bit of a roadblock. I am trying to route users that interacted with either the custom answers or FIN, and get them to a specific team using Tags and I am not getting the chats routed to the branches created. Are Tags a good use for routing interactions to specific teams or is there something else that would work better?ย 


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Hi @Pacoย -- Cam from the Support Engineering team here.ย 

Looks like youโ€™ve had a chat with my teammate Kendall in Messenger and managed to get this sorted out so Iโ€™ll leave you to it๐Ÿ‘

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One thing to keep in mind when using branches in Workflows is that the branches work from top to bottom. So if you have 3 IF statements and and ELSE statement in your branches, the first branch that the conversation matches with is the one that it will take. So if it matches for branch 2 and branch 3, it will follow down the branch 2 path.