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  • 12 April 2024
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I need urgent assistance regarding a critical issue. In the previous version of my workflow, I had the call forwarding option set up with my Switch number. While the support team is currently addressing how to utilize the Switch option in the workflow, I've attempted to create a basic workflow for incoming customer calls. However, my workflow is encountering a problem where calls are being disconnected, indicating that they have been switched.

I urgently need to remove the number from the call forwarding settings, but I'm unsure how to proceed as the call forwarding in my workflow has been removed by the support team and now there is not way for me to go back and edit or remove the number. This issue is critical, and the forwarding number must be removed to resolve the disconnection problem. Additionally, as I work on a new workflow, calls to the designated number are still getting disconnected, with the message indicating that they have been switched. Any guidance on resolving these issues would be greatly appreciated.


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Hey @Anika Malhotra 


I see that you had a conversation with my teammate Erik regarding this issue. Are you still experiencing any issues on this one? If so, could you please reply to the conversation which you have with Erik?


Many thanks!