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  • 21 June 2023
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Hi everyone, apologies in advance if this is covering some very basic territory! I’m new to Intercom and am struggling to work things out on my own.

I’d like to set up two chats on a company website:

1) Live chat

A messenger pop-up that enables visitors to chat directly with a member of the team during specific times and days of the week. Once the user submits text into the chat, they wait for a reply (in other words, there are no more automated replies from the company in the chat).

Ideally, we wouldn’t want the estimated response time to display.

2) Out-of-office chat bot

A chat bot that is active during out-of-office hours, which captures the following:
- Name
- Email
- Question

The question field would ideally not have a word limit (we’re a medical company and our patients often send detailed messages about their symptoms).

I’ve tried setting up the second chat using data fields to capture name, email and question. However, when I look at incoming messages, I can’t see the text visitors inputted into the question field. I’ve run a test and inputted text myself and can confirm it doesn’t come through. I’m guessing I shouldn’t be using data fields in this context?

Grateful for any guidance 🙏


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Hey there @elenis  👋 


Paul here from Intercom support!


Let me raise this with the team so we can advise on these questions and any other you may have 😁

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Hi @elenis !

Just a heads up that my teammate James from our Support Team has reached out to you with some thoughts and follow up questions. You should have received an email from him on the email address that you have associated with your Community Forum account!