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  • 12 June 2024
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I have a custom action that calls my api then stores that response in a custom object. It takes an id, and returns a json with a bunch of values I want to display as buttons. When I do this, I am getting more buttons than objects returned by the api, which I would guess come from previously created custom object instances. How can I make it so that the only buttons created are the ones from the associated custom action? I also have access to an id field that I could filter by, although I haven’t found a way to do so yet.


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Hi @William Freedman ! Ebenezer here from Engineering Support👋.

I believe you already an answer for this from my colleague, I’ll post the answer here for others to see.

There currently isn't a way to clear/reset existing custom objects from within the same conversation. As long as each object has a unique external_id, they would not overwrite the existing objects, and would instead continue to create a new custom object to be added to the others.


Currently, for the custom objects to be reset, a new conversation would have to be created.

Hope this helps