Workflow that begins with a ticket and ends with a chat message

  • 29 January 2024
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Hey everyone!

I’ve been going around the workflow automation settings and so far no joy.

I need to have a workflow that begins with an action on a backoffice ticket (such as, ticket closed with a specific status) and I would like this to trigger sending an automated message to the customer. It is entirely possible that the user was not and did not have an ongoing conversation with us, either by chat or by email, so this would need to be the same as creating a new ticket on our end.

It seems like it’s not possible to just do this with existing automations, but do you know any valuable workarounds I could use in the meantime?

Thank you in advance! ⭐️


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Hi Pedro,

From what I understand, you are seeking a solution like the one below:

Teammate is changing the status of the ticket, and then if the state of the ticket is submitted, send a message.

I hope that answer will be helpful to you.

Cheers, Mat from the Support Engineering Team 😀

Hi Mat,


That’s exactly what I’m looking for, yes, but for backoffice tickets.

We use backoffice tickets for internal purposes and we don’t always need or want the customer to be aware that this work is being done. Once this work is finished, sometimes we need to send a message to the user, and right now, we don’t have this option other than manually.


Alternatively, do you know if it’s possible to have customer tickets without giving visibility to the customer that the ticket exists until we want to?

So imagine:


There’s a trigger event that generates the customer ticket
Customer ticket remains hidden from the user, only we can see it

Work is being done on the ticket, and the user still cannot see the ticket

Once the work is done, we change the ticket to “visible to the user” and send a message to the user


Is this possible instead?
If it is, we can use customer tickets instead, but I think that the user knows as soon as the ticket is created, right?


Let’s see what you say. In the meantime, the first option (using backoffice tickets with an option to message the user at the end) would be the best, OR, then, hide customer tickets until we choose to.

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Hi Pedro,

We are not supporting the change in ticket types at the moment. If you open a back office ticket, it will stay a back office ticket.
From what you are saying, if you want to hide the ticket status until the very last moment, I think the best approach would be to use back office tickets (invisible to the customer) instead of customer tickets and create a workflow similar to the one above. You can use the AI Summaries tool to create a message about the ticket status for the customer.
Otherwise, use the customer ticket and bet on full transparency.

Let me know if that makes sense to you.