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Hi everyone, I’m newbie in Intercom and I would like to custom the inbox app, so it will have a button when hover over the message which will call our API when press. I guess it will be involved to develop an inbox app, but how to add the button to the message like below?
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Hi @James Nguyen -- Cam from the Intercom Support team here!

At present it’s not possible to add buttons to the box that appears when you hover over a message, as shown in your screenshot. That being said I’d be glad to submit a Feature Request for this with our Product Development team as I can certainly understand how it would be a useful feature to have 👍

Hope this at least helps clarify whats possible. 

Hi @Cam G. thank for looking into this, I will switch to Custom Action for now, but please help to submit Feature Request for future usage :) 



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To add a button to the message in Intercom's inbox that calls your API when pressed, you need to create a custom inbox app. Find Out how to do this by following these steps: First, go to Intercom's Developer Hub and create a new app. Then, use Intercom’s custom actions feature to add a button to the inbox message. You’ll need to write some code that specifies what happens when the button is pressed, including calling your API. Finally, test your app to make sure it works as expected.