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  • 8 November 2023
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Hi, I am planning to migrate only some articles from Zendesk to Intercom. Is there an option to do it? The only guide I can see is to migrate all articles from Zendesk to Intercom by using sub domain. However when I tried to use the subdomain, it just migrated some articles which are not the ones that I was supposed to transfer.  So in case the only option is to migrate all articles, questions are

  1. Can we migrate guides and have them show unpublished in Intercom?
  2. Can we update the target audience for articles in bulk?

Thank you.


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Hey @jeni 👋🏼  Shauna here from Support!

  1. You can have articles imported and then set to ‘unpublished’ to ‘hide’ them so to speak. 
  2. It’s not possible to update the audience targeting in Bulk - this is done manually and individually.

I hope this helps 🙏🏼 Let me know if I’ve missed something! 



Hi @jeni 


To migrate specific articles from Zendesk to Intercom, you can use the Help Desk Migration app, an Intercom partner.

First, copy the articles you want to import into a separate organization in Zendesk. Then, migrate them to the desired workspace on Intercom.

If this process seems complicated, you can migrate all articles with an "Unpublished" status. While mapping article fields, you can match Zendesk's "Published" status to Intercom's "Draft" status.

You can also migrate article translations. Ensure that the same languages are set up in Intercom beforehand. Additionally, you can request customizations, such as updating cross-links between articles.

If you have a Zendesk sandbox, use it to test your migration to Intercom.