Intercom::ResourceNotFound Exception: Resource Not FounD

  • 8 May 2024
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@Nathan Sudds @Milan anyone can help  me regarding this issue:

 first of all I created the lead on the intercom just like that:
lead = @intercom.contacts.create(args)
it successfully created the lead on the intercom and after that I want to update the lead on the intercom just like 
lead = find_lead(my_args[:lead_id])

company_name = registration_info.company_name || ""

company_website = registration_info.company_url || "" = registration_info.full_name.to_s

lead.custom_attributes = {

"Company Name": company_name,

 "Company Website": company_website

and I got the lead id but when I am going to execute this line
it gives me this error:
| *** Intercom::ResourceNotFound Exception: Resource Not Found
although I get the lead through postman using the lead id and I got the lead but this shows Resource not found.please help me to fixed it.Regards


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@jahanzaib I’m not a developer so I have a limited knowledge of this. It would be the best if you can check with Intercom chat support to give you more details on what resource is not found.