Why are users disengaging from my Series? How do I re-engage those users back into the Series?

  • 3 April 2024
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Hey, I’m Shauna - Technical Support Specialist with Intercom 👋

I’ve had a lot of interactions with customers who are querying why their users disengaged from the Series and how to re-engage them - so I’m here to help 🚀


To start out at the root of it - why are users disengaging from a Series? 

Disengaged Users are users who haven’t qualified for the next block in their path or users who haven’t come online to receive a message within the set timeframe.

Note: If using the "try to match once" rule, a user will disengage as soon as they reach this block if they do not match the rules at that time. If users will need time to match the rule block, try using the "try to match for X days" rule. This rule means that users will stay at this block until they match the rules and then proceed down the path, or they will disengaged after 'X days' have passed.

Some other examples where Users can disengage is in the case of an Email or SMS - the user could be:

  • Unsubscribed from Emails or SMS
  • On the Hard Bounce List
  • Has marked you as Spam
  • Not have an Email Address or SMS number associated with their profile


Now, how to get these disengaged users to ‘re-engage’ with the Series?

If you head to your list of disengaged users, you can apply a tag to all of these users ⬇️

From here you can duplicate the rule block where the users disengaged in the series. When duplicated, you can add the new tag you created for your disengaged users to this rule block.

Then, we'll connect this duplicated rule block to the block after the user disengaged. This will re-enter the user to the pathway that they were already on ⬇️

There’s more information regarding Series available on this article here 🔥

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