How to populate last seen values from Intercom to Google Sheet?

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I have a set of email IDs that I maintain in a Google sheet. When I trigger I want the value of last seen to be updated to a Google sheet? Is it possible?


Best answer by Josh S13 16 February 2022, 06:30

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@roy s11​ Hello


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Hey @nandini​, Roy can be pretty busy, but there are lots of other helpful Connectors who might be able to assist you here! @user1030​, @user382​, @kevin b​, @brent w​ - do you think one of you may be able to help out?

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Thanks @eric f11​.


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@nandini​ You could do it via the Contacts API. Here's the Google Sheets API.

Although I'm not sure what you mean by "when I trigger".

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Thank you @kevin b​. I'll get help from my developer for this.

Also, wondering if I can push Intercom's attribute data to a product.

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Do you mean something like: You have the user's company name and you want to show that in your product (e.g. in their profile)?

That should work with the API as well, not 100% sure though because I'm not a developer.

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Okay Kevin.

Thank you!


Hey everyone,


I've created a Google Sheet & Script that connects directly into Intercom's API and pulls out all of the list information - contacts, companies, conversations, articles etc. There's no subscriptions or middleware, just a direct connection into the API.


Takes about 5 minutes to set up (video instructions included), and you can have it refresh on a schedule automatically - say every hour or whatever is useful to you.

Hey everyone,


Just letting you know there's a new URL if you'd like to purchase the script




Hi Josh, looks like this new link isn't working. However, the previous one still seems to. What would you advise us to do?


The new link to API2Sheets isn't working 😕 

By the way, any advice on a Google Sheet to ClickUp integration you may know of? We would like to update a task of our ClickUp CRM for the custom fields for which the value was updated in our google sheet. Thanks for the help 🙏

Ah I’m so sorry. Here’s the correct link