Enabling a culture of knowledge management in your team

  • 21 March 2023
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Hey everyone,


I’m Beth, Help Center Manager here at Intercom. Besides creating articles, one of the most important duties of managing a Help Center is making sure those articles are kept up-to-date and helpful.


Our articles are not only used by our customers, but are also seen and shared by our support reps. Equipped with their deep knowledge of Intercom’s products and features, they’re often the first ones to spot content that looks stale or inaccurate, so who better to flag it than our own Support team, and what better place than from the article itself? By setting up an inbound Custom Bot from our Help Center, support reps can make article update requests or submit new article ideas, straight from the Messenger. Their request details can either be captured in the conversation thread, or by sending a ticket. These requests are automatically triaged into a specific inbox using rules, where I can easily pick them up. Tickets are great for capturing all the details needed to action the request, and the Inbox makes it super easy to continue the conversation if it requires further clarification. Once you’ve got it working well for your Support team, you could let your customers submit article requests exactly the same way. 


Good knowledge management is integral to providing a solid self-serve experience for our customers. Through using our own articles internally, we can share the responsibility of continuously improving their content and manage that knowledge effectively. If you’d like to chat more about managing your Help Center using the right workflows, let me know in response to this post as I’m happy to share more details!

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