Why did iOS notifications stop for the Intercom Conversations app?

  • 12 November 2021
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Why the heck did iOS push notifications stop working for our entire team? Are you having some kind of outage? This is really untenable for us. Desktop notifications work fine, not sure about Android. But everyone on iOS stopped receiving notifications.


Fix it for gods sake. Holy crap Intercom is buggy.


Best answer by Eric Fitz 15 November 2021, 12:21

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4 replies

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You might want to check out this page. This one could also help you in the future.

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Hey @mikael j12​, I can see you were chatting with my colleague Elizabeth on the Support team about this. She advised that we were indeed experiencing an issue here between November 12th and 13th, but this has since been resolved.

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I have this constant issue too. Sometimes they work, others they dont.

Reported the same issue more than 6 months ago and still not getting notifications on my iPhone. Rediculous that this isn't working, how do we support our customers if we don't know that there's a problem?